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What is good Graphic Design?

Put simply, good graphic design is anything that makes the viewer absorb and retain the information within the design using clear images and typography. Very often, less is more.

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One strong image is usually more effective than lots of text and can drive home a clearer message. Zebra offer the very best in graphic design. We are great communicators and have a wealth of knowledge & passion.

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Our process

Our approach is friendly, clear and simple. We do not blind you with science as we realise that this is not your field of expertise. Instead, we guide you to projecting your brand online and outline what is available to you.

Getting To Know You

We like to understand who we are designing for so don’t be surprised if we ask questions or research your company. We will also need to establish your target audience – we need to know who we are selling to!


Once we have talked through the initial ideas and/or brief, we can move onto the design process. At this stage, we only produce one piece of work. We put down our best concept and play with design.


We will send you a proof of our design and ask for your thoughts. It may be that you want to change nothing, some, or all of the design. It is often better to have something in front of you to know what you do or don’t like. You have three amendments for the agreed fee.

Good Job!

Once we have completed the design and it is signed off, the final artwork will be sent over in your required format. We will save a copy on our file for three years.

Let's get started

If you don’t know where to start, no problem! We will talk you through every step of the process to ensure you are 100% happy with the outcome. We offer jargon free help with ideas, wording and images. Why not book an appointment with us today?

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